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Welcome to Stonessa, my unique ceramic creations! Here, every piece is a reflection of my passion for creating original and functional designs. My inspiration for crafting handmade ceramics comes from my love for food presentation, inspired by my travels and everyday surroundings. I make all the ceramic pieces in my studio in Novi Sad, Serbia.

My journey began with the opportunity to learn from unselfish master teachers in my homeland and aboard, who openly shared their knowledge and skills about the art of ceramics making. With thousands of hours of learning and practice, I have mastered my skills in various techniques, including hand-building, coiling, throwing-on-the-wheel, carving, and some Japanese techniques. My choice of materials is stoneware clay and porcelain, allowing me to create natural pieces that embrace the wabi-sabi style I adore.

As a creator who loves making tableware and sculpture vases the most, I always imagine the dish that would be served on each plate or bowl I craft. My attention to detail and personal touch can be seen in every piece, strive to make tableware that will be used at a home or restaurant.

I am thrilled to share my passion and expertise with you, and I hope you enjoy discovering the beauty in each of my ceramic pieces. Please feel free to contact me for inquiries or to learn more about my work.

I look forward to you following me through the creative journey that lies ahead.