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Bowl Jatine Ameth

Sale price€45.00

I created this charming spring bowl using white stoneware clay, carefully shaping it on my potter's wheel. After forming the bowl, I covered the outside with a layer of slip, which helped me later add patterns. Finally, I chose a matte glaze with some cobalt oxide for the inside, resulting in those vivid and lively colors. This delightful spring bowl is a simple yet eye-catching piece that brings joy to any table setting.

Size: ca Ø 18cm / 7", h 5.5cm / 2.2"
Weight: ca 440g / 15.52oz

Crafting time 3-5 weeks


Potter's wheel



Food safe

Dishwasher safe

Bowl Jatine Ameth
Bowl Jatine Ameth Sale price€45.00