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Cup Nazzul Divine

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I used dark stoneware clay to shape this distinctive cup on a potter's wheel. The design features flat edges and a slightly beveled bottom. Next, I hand-carved the cup's exterior with a simple tool, giving it a charming touch. To complete the piece, I applied a white matte glaze and carefully wiped some parts on the outside, accentuating the carved details and bringing out the dark stoneware clay's innate elegance. This cup combines simplicity and style seamlessly, making it a delightful addition to anyone's collection.

Volume: ca 250ml / 8.45fl oz
Size: ca Ø 8.5cm / 3.35", h 8cm / 3.15"
Weight: ca 230g / 8.11oz

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Potter's wheel



Food safe

Dishwasher safe

Cup Nazzul Divine
Cup Nazzul Divine Sale price€45.00