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Cups Set Iomena

Sale price€119.00

I crafted this set of four cups using dark stoneware clay on the potter's wheel, giving them flat edges and bottoms for stability. To achieve the unique toned accents along the outer edges, I applied the hakeme technique. Finally, for a touch of sophistication, I finished the cups with an elegant white matte glaze, making them both beautiful and practical for everyday use.

Volume: ca 180ml / 6.09fl oz
Size: ca Ø 7cm / 2.76", h 7.5cm / 2.95"
Weight: ca 205g / 7.23oz

Set: ca 820g / 1.81lb

Crafting time 3-5 weeks


Potter's wheel


Food safe

Dishwasher safe

Cups Set Iomena
Cups Set Iomena Sale price€119.00