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Vase Doviane Onyx

Sale price€470.00

I handcrafted this unique vase from dark stoneware clay with chamotte, giving it a natural, earthy texture. Its diamond shape starts with a narrow base and gradually expands upward, concluding with a narrow opening. I designed the vase's edge to mimic a natural sequence and added a carved indentation in the middle, symbolizing nature's strength. To highlight the raw charm of the dark clay, I chose not to glaze the vase, allowing its authentic character to shine through.

Size: ca h 26cm / 10.24", Ø 15cm / 5.91"
Weight: ca 2.2kg / 4.85lb

Crafting time 3-5 weeks




Sculptural piece

Not waterproof

Vase Doviane Onyx
Vase Doviane Onyx Sale price€470.00