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Vase Naulia Magma

Sale price€980.00

I've crafted the Naulia Magma vase by hand, using dark sculptural stoneware clay with chamotte for an authentic texture. The vase features a unique shape, starting with a narrow base that gradually widens into a curve and then tapers toward the top. An eye-catching crack in the middle symbolizes how seemingly harsh elements in nature can be gentle and delicate. By leaving it unglazed, I've chosen to highlight the natural allure of the dark clay, embracing its organic appeal.

Size: ca h 38cm / 14.96", Ø 23cm / 9.06"
Weight: ca 4.6kg / 10.14lb

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Sculptural piece

Not waterproof

Vase Naulia Magma
Vase Naulia Magma Sale price€980.00